This Bloodborne portfolio costs $ 118.00 and it s a bit awesome

Bloodborne and Supergroupies USA collaborated to create a special portfolio for fans and anyone looking for a sustainable and unique portfolio. In fact, it is part of a series of collaborations that also include a watch and a bag. Now, I will be the first to admit that I do not know much about the subtleties of the portfolios and what is considered a very sought-after functionality. That said, I know what I love and if I m quite honest, this Bloodborne wallet checks all the boxes for me.

From the output of the box, you can say that it is carefully made and be careful. It is a three-part leather wallet, black, with some special subtleties than fans will love. Subtle, but clearly visible. The entire surface of the portfolio is covered with Caryll runes. There are 8 cards locations, more than enough for the average person, and a currency compartment with a zipper! There is nothing worse than the currency falling from your wallet, or not being able to transport the currency at all.

In addition, the lining inside the portfolio is a deep bordeaux / red with more than the same symbols than outside. I love this pop color and I think it adds value here. If you are Canadian, you could get extra satisfaction from the color variety that you can have next to this lining, you know, the $ 5 below, the $ 10 vibrant tickets and the $ 20 green tickets. $ 20. I know I have certainly already done.

This is the attention to detail and quality that are the definitive selling arguments for me. Even without having it for months and months, I know this Bloodborne portfolio has been designed to last. It s not like I was about to throw it out the window of my apartment or crush it with my car to test exactly its durability, but since it is made of genuine leather and It s pretty thick, I m sure I ll use it for years to come. In addition, it s a bit of a talking piece and should help you guess other players in the area. If you are looking to make friends who have the same interests, it seems to be an extra bonus!

It may be a bit more expensive than I would spend normally for a portfolio, at 118 USD, but since it could be considered a collection object, I think it could be forgiven. Honestly, there is really no inconvenience to own this portfolio. And if it does not tell you everything you need to know, I do not know what else can I say.